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August 20, 2010
Site News, Affiliation
      A thousand apologies for a (very) long absence! I certainly haven't forgotten about this place--life just seems to have gotten the better of me and it's easy to watch a year slip by without even realizing it.

I originally intended to have a premade ready for this update, but through a series of irritating circumstances I've found myself without Photoshop for the forseeable future! So I'm afraid there won't be any graphic updates until I can get the problem sorted out. In the mean time, all I can offer is a poorly compressed preview of the premade in question and a thousand apologies.

However, I do have some mixed new in affiliation. First and foremost, as I'm sure you all know by now, Kikyo and Fiona have closed Komet Tails Designs. KTD is one of the sites that inspired me to begin webdesigning in the first place, and was one of the few "founding" sites left in the community, so it's incredibly sad to see them go. Thank you for all the memories and inspiration, you two, and we certainly won't be forgetting you any time soon!

Thankfully, in much happier (albeit belated!) news, the fabulous Ellada has returned with her beautiful new site Aelira.com! Her designs are as gorgeous as ever, so please go pay her a visit if you haven't already, because you're honestly missing out. Her site is always such a joy to browse through and Aelira is looking stunning. It's great to have you back, Ellada!

Unfortunately, given the circumstances, there's not much updating I can do for the time being. It's not how I would have liked to pass ED's sixth birthday (six years! It's crazy.) but what can you do? Hopefully I'll be back soon, and I once again apologize for my extended absence!

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