Below is a more detailed list of my affiliates. I encourage you to visit, as they are all definitely worth your time! For information on affiliation, click here.

Name-Invisus Designs
Webmistress-Kyuu & Rykea
Invisus Designs, maintained by the lovely Rykea & Kyuu, blossoms with tons of quality, stunning designs. I always have a great time going through and looking at everything. It's a jackpot of eye-candy! I'm not very good a describing things, so just go see for yourself!

Name-Komettails Designs
Webmistress-Fiona and Kikyou
Fiona and Kikyou make an awesome team while they work on KTD, so it's not wonder the site is so well-developed. It's packed with unique and original layouts and extremely useful tutorials. A real inspiration and must-see.

Amanda is the greatest ♥ Her designs are always original and unique, so you'll never get bored and always want to see what she has planned next. On top of that, she has an original and refreshing vintage style that is always a joy to look at (all the details!). Go give her your attention!

Shanyu was my first affiliate for my first graphic site ever. Her designs are always as adorable as she is and her quality is reliably consistent. If you like the ethereal look you'll definitely love Solitude!

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