Frequently Asked Questions

     Originally I didn't intend to have one of these, but I've been answering the same questions so many times that I've just stopped replying completely. If your question is not addressed here, feel free to give me a poke. Otherwise, I'll probably just ignore you. Sorry!

Can you make me a custom layout? I'll pay.
I'm afraid not. I'm really not comfortable taking requests, and certainly not confident enough to accept payment for them! I'm also far too busy.
What premade textures/brushes do you use in your layouts?
No third party textures are ever used. As for brushes, any that are used will be credited on the layout itself. Otherwise, all brushes and textures are made by me.
Are all the graphics made by you?
Everything on Elysium is created by me, unless stated otherwise.
Can you teach me how to make the cloudy effect?
Not really, no. I'm not even sure how I do it most of the time. :)
Will you affiliate with my site?
Affiliation is, for the most part, invitation only. There will be occasions when it will open up, so feel free to apply then. If you're really impatient and think your site will wow me, feel free to ask anyway.
How did you make the glowy wings and other shapes?
The pen tool, for the most part.
Could you make a layout with _________ image/series?
Send the suggestion my way; if I like it, sure. If not, please don't be disappointed.
Could you create a tutorial about _____?
Probably not. The techniques and effects that I utilize are mostly self-taught through hours of experimentation, so there is no set procedure for producing them. As a result, any tutorial on them would probably end up incoherent and impossible to follow. Experimenting on your own is always the best way to go!
Can I add you to my MSN list?
I'm heinously shy, but feel free to IM me!

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